Summer Projects

What an interesting few weeks we’ve had, working on a variety of fantastic projects!

Firstly, we created a clean, simple user friendly website for East Midlands based, award winning fashion designer Michael Wallace. It’s still a work in progress  but the basis of the site is there. The theme is plain intentionally – Michael’s beautiful designs, the bright fashion colours and the design of his garments should be the only thing standing out on the website. Michael creates bespoke garments, wedding gowns, own brand couture and he’s also about to open his studio. We wish him the best of luck and hope his the shiny new website (once complete) goes a long way to helping his fashion designer business be a great success.


Next up was 2 websites for one client. Established actor Ian needed a professional acting website and also an acting agency website for an acting co-op. Again, both of these sites are works in progress awaiting input from the client, but the foundation of them is there and looking pretty good, we think!


Long established podcast Dis After Dark was looking to re-theme, re-brand and branch out recently. We helped with this and The After Dark Network was born. All of the podcasts were brought together under one roof in the form of a new website and we created a logo for each podcast as well as a family logo. The podcasts are all about Disney, Universal, Marvel and Pop culture. With over 172,000 podcast downloads it was time for The After Dark guys to get serious and professional and we think we’ve helped them to do that. We can’t guarantee they will actually ever get serious though…..


All of these clients have paid just £15 for them domain name and hosting for one year. Our fee on top was a simple £50.00.

What an enjoyable bunch of projects! Why don’t you talk to us about your requirements and what you’re looking for?

Lisa, The Website Lady


Music to our ears

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting positive feedback? We all do!

However, we think it’s extra special when that feedback is along the lines of…. ‘the website you created for me is now inspiring me to push on with my ideas and follow my business dream’ …….

We were thrilled to hear from Amanda recently:

You’ve made me realise that I have got a viable business idea…and you’ve made it look amazing! Beautifully written in a way that really captures the essence of what I’m trying to do. Impressive, accessible, intuitive and professional. I am so glad I took the plunge and came to you. Fantastic job!

Amanda, Owner at Ooh, Buttons!

We really enjoyed working on Amanda’s website. Not only has she had a truly original business idea but she has the enthusiasm, skills and drive to make a real success of it. With our help on the website, she is able to dedicate her creative skills to what she does best!

Why not take a look at her website to learn more?


Let’s talk about why you need a website

It’s quite simple, really. Everyone else has one. The internet is where everyone is hanging out. If you aren’t out there in cyberspace, your potential customers will find your competitors instead of you. Information is at the touch of their fingertips; they aren’t going to go out of their way to look for you. They’ll take the best deal that comes along first. So what can you do? You can make sure you’re the first business they see.

You’ll need a simple, clean, user friendly website and you’ll need the help of Social Media. I know, Facebook isn’t for everyone (although with over 1.44 billion user worldwide, some would disagree…), but it’s where you’re going to find your customers. Facebook and Twitter are where you can talk to them and find out their needs and then offer them a solution without screaming sell, sell, sell at them. The trick is to observe, listen, then offer expert advice in your field and then, hopefully,  your potential customers click on a link you provide and discover you. Your website. Who you are, what you can do and specifically, what you can do for them.

This is where we come in. We can build you a website for as little as £50. We can manage your social media, or set your accounts up if you don’t have them. Running a small business means you’re great at what you do, it doesn’t automatically follow that you’re great with this side of things too. So, let the Website Lady do it for you. Then it frees you up to become even better at what you do!